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Dear Gamer,

I am replaying all old games that I played many years ago while growing up. I never imagined way back then that I would ever replay these games as Computers got faster, then DOS was abandoned, and making it impossible to play these games on modern computers. Thanks to DOSBox and ScummVM emulators, I am able to replay these games again on my choice of operating system; Linux and Windows 7.

I am writing reviews of all the games that I played in the past. I am revisiting many classics of my youth and childhood, as well as games that didn’t hold up looking back. I am reviewing games that I missed during my childhood mainly to see if nostalgia holds up. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it does not, and figure out the reasons why. Reviewing Retro games provides a great window into the history and insight of Computer Games, and looking back, things have changed a lot in gaming, but not so much for Adventure Games, but that’s for another article.

I mostly played Adventure Games growing up, and these games have some of the best story telling in gaming history. An Adventure Game is hard to describe, this genre named after the first Adventure Game, Adventure, which is why it has its name. It’s an ironic name since most Adventure Games can hardly be described as adventurous. Adventure Games are often the slowest genre, and are perfect, if you can’t fight in combat as in an action game or RPG.

An Adventure Game has a strong story, as Pixar will say “Story is King.” That is the way it is for Adventure Games or at least most of them. The story comes first before the gameplay and puzzles, most have little to no combat, and have puzzles, obstacles, and dilemmas. Most Adventure Games are all played with a predetermined character or “you” the player is the protagonist on a scavenger hunt picking up everything that is not nailed down. Puzzles are the road blocks that stop the story from progressing, trying to figure out the solutions to the puzzles is either the most fun, and/or frustrating part of playing Adventure Games.

I dabbled in other genres, and enjoy playing action, RPG, and strategy games, but my heart will always be with the Adventure Game genre. I love this genre because of the storytelling, great characters, the ability to explore environments without combat.

However I am unlike most other Adventure Game players, I am not an Adventure Game purist and don’t mind combat in these games. I don’t really enjoy most Adventure games puzzles all that much, so you may see me complain and moan about the puzzles, and that was one of the downfalls of this genre, and the main reason I gave up playing these games in the early 2000’s.

Nevertheless, I am writing my reviews with the newbie in mind for Adventure Games to recruit people and encourage people to play Adventure Games, and not to think of gaming as all violent science fiction, and fantasy epics, and that games are art, set in any environment, funny, and endearing at the same time. Adventure Games prove that games can be different. Always keep on playing.

Happy Playing!

-Robert Perrett

Copyright © 2014 Robert Perrett

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