The Whispered World

The Whispered World


An Extremely Old Fashion Adventure Game

Title Screen, beautiful game to look at.



The Whispered World shows that the most shocking thing about this game is how little the Adventure Game genre has changed. I know I have been out of the genre for a decade and now getting back into it. This game doesn’t push the bar in any way shape or form. The only advancement this game has compared to the older classic Adventure Games is that by pushing the space bar, hot spots that the player can interact with pop up. That solves the pixel hunting problem. This is such a big help or else it would be just going through the screen by pixel hunting. The Whispered World is a LucasArts style Adventure game interface with mind bending Sierra style puzzles. I have been playing this game over the past 2 years. I just never seem to get into it. The graphics and the music are gorgeous, the story is good, the main character is borderline annoying, and the puzzles are blah!




The gameplay is that the player control a sad clown named Sadwick who is a failed clown, in a third person point of view perspective. It is a very polish interface of an Adventure Game. It is nether the best nor the worst Adventure Game interface. Easy to learn and easy to pick up, and pixel hunting is resolved by pressing the space bar, and hot spots are where I can interact with things, that is one improvement the game makes on the original Adventure game formula.


I puzzle this, I puzzle that
I puzzle this, I puzzle that

The puzzles are hard and confusing at times. That is the problem with Adventure Games is that it is too easy to get stuck, and the solution at hand is one that I would never have though of. My only hope is to go to the Internet and figure out what to do. This happens a lot in this game, sad to say the puzzles are really hard, and impossible to figure out without a walkthrough. There are even some Myst clone puzzles in this game as well, not my favorite type of puzzles. This Adventure is not a walk in the park especially toward the newbies. I’m not a newbie, but even I couldn’t figure it out, and the solution wasn’t all the satisfying. The puzzles aren’t worth putting up with considering the disappointing ending.


Every hero starts off with a boring life, until something exciting comes along.
Every hero starts off with a boring life, until something exciting comes along.

The story takes place in a fantasy world, and is inhabited by Sadwick, a failed clown with a brother named Ben who is always on his case to do his chores, and a grandfather that seems to be extremely forgetful. The beginning is just boring, and it doesn’t get good until Sadwick meets Bobby the Chaski who needs to go to Corona. Once Sadwick has a goal to get to Corona, then the game gets more interesting. Sadwick also has a pet caterpillar named Spot. Spot, the supporting character doesn’t talk, and should be the star of the game, he is less annoying than Sadwick, there is a point where the player has to control Spot and that is one of the best parts, and Spot also changes shape to help Sadwick solve puzzles and gains the ability to turn into another shape as the story goes on.


My favorite is the conversation dialogue trees
My favorite is the conversation dialogue trees

It is a paint by numbers extremely traditional Adventure game. It would have been nice to have a more ambitious gameplay dynamics, and also when Sadwick talks to other characters to have more close ups. I can understand older Adventure games could not do this, but the modern era, they should be able to do that. This game has the most disappointing ending ever, I don’t want to spoil it, but that it just made me angry about it because of all the work it took to play this game and then the illusion that is built of this world that Sadwick and Spot inhabits is destroyed and negated. This game would have been a solid middle of the road Adventure with bad puzzles that I could live with only if it didn’t have such a let down ending.

Why Play?

Beautiful Graphics
Beautiful Music

Why Not Play?

Bad Illogical Puzzles
Uneven Voice Acting
Main Character is borderline annoying
Disappointing Ending


Old LucasArts Adventures are much better than this;
Day of Tentacle
Sam and Max Hit the Road


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